Guest rooms & Breakfast


Offers a diverse range of authentic and delightful dining experiences feature health-oriented, locally farm-fresh ingredients and bountiful seafood from the Sea of Japan to cater to special days or just a family gathering. Starting with an abundant breakfast buffet and ready for coffee to go, Azalea offers lunch and dinner menus featuring its finest dining experiences with the exquisite cuisines prepared in the best culinary traditions.

Recommended Japanese Specialties - you've got to try the house special.

A local specialty "Jumbo-size deep-fried Tofu" from Tochio region of the city.
One of the best brands of rice “Koshi-Hikari" and miso soup as traditional favorites.
Miso paste with green “Kagura-namban” hot pepper known for being good with rice and for seasonings.
Grated Japanese yam paste with soy sauce flavor.
'"Oboro tofu" with smoothest texture derived in making tofu with the snow meltwater and the finest soybeans.
White rice topped with edible raw eggs and soy sauce flavor.A staple dish "Tamago-kake-Gohan"(TKG) in Japan.

Regular but it never fail to meet your expectations.

"Isoroku" Curry & Rice
Inspired by one of regular diets of the former Japanese Navy and in memory of Isoroku Yamamoto from the city, who served as the latest Commander Admiral of the Combined Fleet in 1940s.
Tender but toothsome, moist bacon grilled on a medium heat
Soufflé style scrambled eggs
House vinaigrette dressing and other specialty dressings for salad