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Hotel reservation / Check rates

Guest rooms & Breakfast


Niigata is a"treasure house of food", where delicious is natural.

Enjoy the work of the chef and the carefully selected ingredients of the New Otani Nagaoka breakfast buffet.

The traditional Echigo Nagaoka morning, incorporating plenty of carefully selected local ingredients. Japanese and Western buffet menu has around 60 types of foods. From local traditional cuisine to classic hotel cuisine, we offer a healthy and variety rich menu. Each item is delicious seperately but in combination form great variations of taste that can be enjoyed over and over again, one of the great appeals of this buffet. After-breakfast coffee takeout is free so you can enjoy a leisurely, calm morning in your room.


Guest Rooms

Comfort and relaxation of the finest quality. Inviting you to our “Prestigious Hospitality”. Hotel New Otani Nagaoka always offers fresh , top-class comfort while ensuring safety and security. The refreshing guest rooms on the upper floors will surely serve as “a space for comfort and relaxation”. They also provide equipment that supports your business success including free Wi-Fi Internet Connection in all guest rooms.

Guest Room Rates (click to enlarge)

Please note that a 10% service charge and 8% consumption tax are included. Room rates are subject to change at any time.